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The sx1278(LoRa) Cluster products are already take mass production, the Gas meter, Water meter and Heat meter are supported by new version, Please make contact to us for more tech info and quote:


APPCON is recognized as the leading developer of RF solution for wireless AMR, remote monitor and control, alarm and security, smart traffic, industrial automation, telemetry and other wireless applications.

ATA5428 rf IC products

APC240B---SX1212 Ultra Low Power RF T...

Ultra Low Power and Smallest Size Transceiver Module

ATA5428 rf IC products

APC240---sx1212 Ultra Low Power Transceiv...

The ultra low power transceiver so far, best for battery supply, one small li-on battery would last 10 years, 400m...

ATA5428 rf IC products

APC330---Si4438 Low Cost RF Transceiver

The best cost with high performance.

ATA5428 rf IC products

APC810---sx1276/8 Ultra Long Range RF Tra...

The APC810 has covering radius more than 7000m, the best at these kinds of output power, LoRa communication a...

ATA5428 rf IC products

APC340---sx1276/8 Ultra Long Range RF tran...

APC340 is based on RFIC sx1278 and sx1276, which can work in the 433MHz or. 470MHz band, with SEMTECH...


WMRNET-IV Water Meter and Gas Meter AMR Solution

WMRNET-IV is designed for Water meter and Gas meter automated meter reading(AMR), The best of WMRNET-IV are power saving technology and...

2015-01-23 15:53:10

WMRNET-III Water Meter and Gas Meter AMR Solution

The best of WMRNET-III is ultra power saving technology in nodes, Nodes duration life could last more than 10 years by battery-powered, the total cos...

2015-01-23 15:48:00

WMRNET-II Power and Energy Meter AMR Solution(Chinese)

WMRNET-II is designed for smart Energy meter automated meter reading(AMR), The Chinese Energy Meter Standard Protocols: DLT645-2007 and D...

2015-03-13 15:52:46

WMRNET-I Power and Energy Meter AMR Solution

WMRNET-I is designed for smart Energy meter automated meter reading(AMR), It provides an reliable channel for meter terminal communication, T...

2015-01-23 11:02:27